Staff Directory

If you prefer to speak with a member of our staff, please call (248) 994-8500.

Fist Name Last Name Title e-mail extension
Steven Boggs CPA.CGMA Shareholder [email protected] 236
Jody Bumgarner CPA Accountant [email protected] 233
Dixie Coleman Administrator [email protected] 220
Thomas Dolan CPA Accountant [email protected] 249
Barbara Eahrow Administrator [email protected] 223
Richard Edgar CPA Accountant [email protected] 232
Richard Elder CPA Accountant [email protected] 246
Joshua Farrugia CPA Accountant [email protected] 233
Jamie Faulkner Administrator [email protected] 231
Barry Grant CPA Of Counsel [email protected]
David Guest CPA Accountant [email protected] 227
Jeanne Jantzen CPA Shareholder [email protected] 247
Paul Johnson CPA Shareholder [email protected] 234
Charles Klinefelt Accountant [email protected] 245
Lisa Kowalski CPA,MST Accountant [email protected] 235
Michael LaFrance     [email protected]  
Lawrence Millman CPA Shareholder [email protected] 225
Blake Peterson   Accountant [email protected] 240
Stephanie Reid Accountant [email protected] 239
Austin Richards Accountant [email protected] 226
Susan Schmidt CPA,CSRP,CSEP Accountant [email protected] 229
Harry Siegel CPA Accountant [email protected] 248
David Smith CPA Accountant [email protected] 238
Jacob Strecker CPA,MBA Accountant [email protected] 243
Rachelle Syron CPA Shareholder [email protected] 228
David Tozer CPA Shareholder [email protected] 242
Mark Wagner CPA Shareholder [email protected] 237