Staff Directory

If you prefer to speak with a member of our staff, please call (248) 994-8500.

Fist Name Last Name Title e-mail extension
Steven Boggs CPA.CGMA Shareholder 236
Angela Bonacci CPA Accountant 254
Jody Bumgarner CPA Accountant 233
Jennifer Davis Accountant 250
Lou DiSarno CPA Accountant 232
Thomas Dolan CPA Accountant 249
Barbara Eahrow Administrator 223
Richard Elder CPA Accountant 246
Joshua Farrugia CPA Accountant 233
Jamie Faulkner Administrator 231
Barry Grant CPA Of Counsel
David Guest CPA Accountant 227
Jeanne Jantzen CPA Shareholder 247
Paul Johnson CPA Shareholder 234
Charles Klinefelt Accountant 245
Lisa Kowalski CPA,MST Accountant 235
Michael LaFrance   Accountant  
Lawrence Millman CPA Shareholder 225
Donna Reilly Administrator 220
Austin Richards Accountant 226
Susan Schmidt CPA,CSRP,CSEP Accountant 229
Harry Siegel CPA Accountant 248
Jacob Strecker CPA,MBA Accountant 243
Rachelle Syron CPA Shareholder 228
David Tozer CPA Shareholder 242
Mark Wagner CPA Shareholder 237